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Please note that our online ordering function is temporarily unavailable- but please feel free to browse our catalogue and call us regarding product availability: 1-888-977-2797

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Not turning the clocks back at NovaScotian Crystal

I'm pleased to announce that we've been quite busy at NovaScotian Crystal and we're taking new steps every day to ensure a strong and prosperous future. No turning back time this fall at NovaScotian Crystal!

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We've very pleased to be able to announce that we reopened our Showroom in Halifax on Thursday, June 27.

While our Craftsmen are still hard at work making crystal to replenish our inventory, there are still a number of items we do not yet have in stock. So, we've decided that for now we will not be taking orders through the online store. You can certainly still browse the store and make a list of items you would like to purchase, then just give us a call so we can check the availability of the items you want and place your order.

We have also left the online Gift & Wedding Registry system disabled - you can still create a Registry, or purchase from one, we just ask that you call or visit the Showroom so that we can make sure your list contains items we will have available in time for your event.